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September 12, 2019

A new home for Cantata

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The whole Cantata team is happy to finally release our new and improved website for Cantata! The old site was a great way to get a quick overview of what Cantata aimed to be as well as tease people about what was to come, but I felt like it was time to start being more open about the game and its development!

With that in mind, the Cantata website has been restructured for visitors to be a portal into the game and world of Cantata. Instead of just providing information, view the site as a starting point into discovering Cantata.

There's been a few things added to help facilitate this:


The whole site has been built around the feed of announcements, with its presence now persistent on every page. It's in this feed you'll find links to development updates, guide updates (more on that below), strategy game musings, etc. I've already got a few categories lined up, so expect a rotating content schedule and be sure to check back often.

The announcements are also RSS compatible, so feel free to add the site to your favorite RSS reader to get notified when something new is posted!

Additionally, I'll start to aggregate the months posts into the newsletter, so if you want to make sure you don't miss anything, sign up for the newsletter here.


In addition to the announcements, the site now has the ability for people to comment on posts via the newly launched forums! Every  new announcement  will automatically gets its own dedicated forum thread, so we encourage people to sign up on the forums and get to talking about the game and announcements!

Read more about the forums here.

The Cantata Guide

Lastly, we've launched The Cantata Guide. Meant to exist somewhere between a game manual and back-of-the-box copy, The Cantata Guide is a living document of all things Cantata. It's something that can be a reference for understanding the ideas and design goals behind certain features, as well as a way to get a high level overview of the game's setting and characters.

Read more about the guide here.

We're really excited to take this big, public step forward as the game starts to congeal, and are excited to have the community onboard from day 1 to help shape the game over the course of it's development.

I can't wait until you all can play the game and can't wait to see what you create.