Answers to all the most frequently asked questions

When is the game coming out?

We’re hoping to release a singleplayer alpha, plus a full modding toolkit, by Winter 2019. This build will act as a test of the games systems and allow people to start playing with ideas on their own. Next, we'll be working on multiplayer to give players the ability to play with each other. After that, ideally through Steam’s Early Access Program or itch.io Refinery, we'll be releasing the first peeks at the game's full campaign. There is not a target release date yet for the full release.

What is the game like?

The vibe we're trying to create is both tense and meditative. You make tough calls every turn on topics that affect both your next turn as well as what happens in 10 turns. As you play, you start to feel like you’re building up a small empire that only you can run. It feels personal, like you’re really in control of what’s happening on screen, but also a bit vulnerable.

How do I play?

The game puts you in the middle of a three way struggle for survival between aliens, humans and machines on Shoal, a mysterious old colony planet. To start, you select a CO from one of these factions, as well as a scrappy cadre of units. Then, you will manage a fixed allotment of supply to grow your base, units, and CO’s reach into an impressive military force. You can win one of two ways, either by destroying the other players’ home bases or by holding the most territory the longest (i.e. a conquest victory like Battlefield or Company of Heroes). At a high level, you want to leverage your faction to explore, expand, and endure Shoal’s trials before supply runs out.

Can I do anything now?

Yes! The forums are a great place to talk about the game and give the developers feedback on what you're interested in. We want the community to be an integral part of this game's development, so ask that if you're interested, let us know!